Cross-sector Data Sharing and Collaboration Across Sonoma County

Together with Sonoma Connect/Sonoma Unidos, Aliados Health (formerly Redwood Community Health Coalition) has been leading efforts to establish an equity-focused, trauma-informed, and comprehensive network of health and social care in Sonoma County. To date, the work has included procuring a technology solution and developing a data governance framework to support closed loop referrals among community-based organizations. The chosen technology platform, NinePatch, now powers the Resource Connection Network (RCN), a secure system focused on cross-sector collaboration and inspired by the community information exchange model. 

Intrepid is a proud partner in the development of cross-sector data sharing and collaboration across Sonoma County. In addition to assisting with the procurement of NinePatch, our policy experts provide ongoing strategic and data governance support.

Intrepid Ascent was a critical partner in our work to create a community information exchange in Sonoma County (California). Their technical expertise and data sharing knowledge were invaluable in guiding us through the complex process of technology platform selection and data governance within a community-driven initiative. They helped us to build trust by ensuring that the technology selected met the criteria that the community prioritized as most important and governance activities adhered to both state and national privacy and security regulations. We simply would not have been able to do this without them.

Beth Paul
Director Population Health, Aliados Health

Recent Clients

Anthem Blue Cross

Intrepid is supporting Anthem Blue Cross to increase education and awareness of the California Data Exchange Framework (DxF) across contracted providers by hosting statewide webinars for Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports providers. Intrepid also provides individualized coaching support on the DxF for a small number of providers within the Anthem network.

PATH Collaborative

Intrepid is facilitating two Collaborative Planning and Implementation (CPI) collaboratives in California, Contra Costa County and San Diego County. The CPI collaboratives are a place for health care and social services providers participating in CalAIM, California’s Medicaid transformation initiative, to coordinate with each other and other stakeholders (e.g., managed care plans) to support implementation in their communities.

California Department of Public Health (CDPH)

Intrepid supported local health departments and primary care provider organizations with technical assistance in more than ten (10) underserved California counties with vulnerable populations to optimize the use of their EHR systems and improve the treatment of chronic conditions as part of the Prevention Forward chronic disease prevention program funded by CDPH/CDC.

California Healthcare Collaborative (CHC)

The California Health Collaborative (CHC) engaged Intrepid Ascent (Intrepid) to assess technology gaps in current infrastructure, considering their current and future business needs. We’re excited to continue our work with CHC on integrating technology solutions that work for them given their expansive reach geographically across California, diverse service offerings, and grant reporting requirements.

CHC Partner Spotlight Blog

The California Healthcare Foundation (CHCF)

Intrepid is working with CHCF to publish an almanac on existing health IT and data exchange systems in use across the state to support Medicaid transformation in sectors outside the traditional medical setting. We are also co-developing a local data sharing case study focused on behavioral health.

California Primary Care Association (CPCA)

Intrepid provides subject matter expertise to the California Primary Care Association for topic-focused webinars. First, Intrepid facilitated a conversation with CPCA members about how health centers can optimize their electronic health record to support data exchange via the Data Exchange Framework. Intrepid is also partnering with CPCA as a subject matter expert for their Leadership Equity Program, facilitating a discussion on leveraging health information technology to support health equity.


Intrepid is the education partner for the County Health Executives Association of California (CHEAC) for the California Data Exchange Framework (DxF) Education Initiative Grants. As an education partner, Intrepid creates and delivers education content for CHEAC members on the DxF. Intrepid also provides coaching and 1:1 support to help troubleshoot challenges with DxF implementation.


Intrepid provided consulting services to CipherHealth on policy and regulatory requirements of California’s Population Health Management Program, including co-facilitation of a roundtable and an informational webinar to a national audience.

County of Santa Cruz

Intrepid supports Santa Cruz County via multiple contracts with Health Care Services and Public Health aimed at transforming and modernizing data systems and exchange. This includes improving disease surveillance through unified data standards to supporting the implementation of county behavioral health delivery system, program, and payment reform changes under CalAIM.

“We really appreciate Intrepid’s project management style to move items forward, in addition to entrusting you with community outreach and building relationships with CBOs.” – Lynn Lauridsen, Santa Cruz County

CA Department of Health Care Access and Information

Through a contract with Equanim Technologies, Intrepid provides advisory support to the California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) regarding privacy and security in the implementation of a statewide Health Care Cost Transparency Database.

Encompass Community Services

Intrepid Ascent is partnering with Encompass Community Services (tag Encompass LinkedIn Page – see link below) via the CalAIM TA Marketplace to assess their existing data infrastructure needs, identify gaps, and recommend methods to streamline workflow processes. This effort aims to enhance the organization’s long-term operational efficiency.
Encompass Community Services, based in Santa Cruz, California, is a nonprofit that administers more than 40 programs spanning behavioral health, family and social welfare, early childhood education, housing, and more. Through these programs, they forge pathways to equity by prioritizing community service with empathy and respect. Intrepid looks forward to working with Encompass on this CalAIM TA Marketplace endeavor. To learn more about Encompass programs see, about our programs.

Health & Welfare Council of Long Island (HWCLI)

Intrepid provides advisory support to HWCLI to prepare for the next round of New York State’s Medicaid transformation initiative and potential status as a regional Social Care Network. Previously, Intrepid supported HWCLI with its approach for connecting community-based organizations to address social determinants of health, and the procurement and implementation of a social service referral platform.

Health Plan of San Joaquin (HPSJ)

Intrepid provided consulting services to HPSJ to support the implementation and ongoing delivery of Enhanced Care Management and Community Supports, with a focus on technology-related needs and workflows. Services include submission of performance incentive requirements, vendor management, user onboarding for a care coordination platform, and ongoing data governance subject matter expertise.


Intrepid partners with Innovaccer in the implementation of their care management platform within the Alameda County Public Health Department. The platform supports outcomes-focused coordinated system of care across health and social sectors to more efficiently and effectively serve Alameda County’s most vulnerable populations.

Leading Age

Intrepid is the education partner for Leading Age for California Data Exchange Framework (DxF) Education Initiative Grants. As an education partner, Intrepid creates and delivers education content for Leading Age members on the DxF. Intrepid also provides coaching and 1:1 support to help troubleshoot challenges with DxF implementation.

Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health

Intrepid facilitated the development of a business strategy plan to expand The L.A. Trust’s proprietary Data xChange platform from a research and quality improvement tool to a valuable system for health plans, government agencies, and other potential users.

Pacific Clinics

Pacific Clinics provides behavioral health, social services, substance use treatment, and wellness programs for children, youth, adults, and families throughout California. Intrepid Ascent is honored to provide support and subject matter expertise concerning California’s Data Exchange Framework standards and nuances associated with onboarding and implementation. This collaboration aims to enhance their organization’s Enhanced Care Management (ECM) program among other value-added use cases associated with bi-directional data exchange.

Marin County

Intrepid assists Marin County in the design and use of systems for the coordination of services for its unhoused population and other priority populations. We have worked with Marin County since 2014.

“Intrepid is a very proactive partner that is willing to jump into new projects while balancing the landscape of relevant state initiatives, like the TA Marketplace.” – Marin County

Merced County

Intrepid provides technical assistance to Merced County with meeting specific milestones required under the Behavioral Health Quality Improvement Program (BHQIP). This includes coordination with internal and external contracted individuals associated with the program and assistance with the submission of milestones and supporting evidence. We also recently supported Merced County with the planning and facilitation of a Public Health Electronic Health Record (EHR) procurement.

North Coast Health Improvement and Information Network (NCHIIN)

Intrepid provides strategic advising related to developing a legal framework for a CIE in Humboldt County, building on the existing regional HIE. This includes the development of a consent that supports data sharing in a cross sector shared technology environment, development of data sharing and contracting agreements that aligns with NCHIIN’s existing participation agreement, and providing subject matter expertise to NCHIIN on data governance and regulatory issues to support the development of the North Coast Care Connect system.

Serving Communities Health Information Organization

Intrepid assisted the Supporting Communities Health Information Organization (SCHIO) in the implementation of an Authorization to Share Confidential Medi-Cal Information (ASCMI) form and consent management service pilot project.

Sonoma Connect

Intrepid Ascent provided Sonoma Connect/Sonoma Unidos consulting services to assist with procurement of a closed loop referral system with the ability to integrate with existing technology tools in the community.

UpHealth Syntranet

Intrepid played a central role in Alameda County with the implementation and continued optimization of the Social Health Information Exchange (SHIE), powered by UpHealth’s SyntraNet platform. The SHIE aggregates data from physical health, behavioral health, social services, and community-based organizations to enable information exchange, shared care planning, and analytics for reporting and quality improvement. Intrepid served as a key linkage between the program, technical, and policy teams, with each other and with users. Intrepid provided technology and data governance subject matter expertise, as well as leadership for the training and onboarding of over 2,000 users from more than 55 diverse organizations.


Intrepid supported the Ventura County Community Information Exchange (CIE) Governance Board and key stakeholders such as healthcare organizations, government, community benefit organizations (CBOs) and social services organizations to support their CIE development. This included managing a community-wide assessment to identify priority use cases that accurately reflect the needs of the community and facilitating the procurement and implementation of a data sharing technology. Additionally, Intrepid provided advisory support on the design of a data governance framework to support cross-sector data sharing.

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