An Invitation

Welcome to the new Intrepid Ascent website. We hope it provides a better way to share our work, ideas, and enthusiasm with colleagues and friends. This page – Thinking – is an invitation to conversation on our shared journey. I encourage you to respond to any thoughts that stir you here by reaching out to members of our team or by sending us a message at We’d love to hear from you.

As you’ll see if you click around the site, our original focus on health information exchange has matured and grown in new directions. One path continues the climb toward the interoperability of IT systems based on common tech & data standards. Another leads to robust governance of enterprises with shared data assets. A third path branches into the territory of collaboration across sectors to address social determinants of health. And a fourth switchbacks from IT implementation to user experience, by way of quality improvement techniques that incorporate design feedback from the field.

While we maintain our youthful ambition to guide clients up their next mountain along these and other emerging routes, we find ourselves increasingly grateful for the community on the journey. We are fortunate to partner with inspired client teams dedicated to making the experience of health care and allied services impactful – especially for the most vulnerable among us. I hope this combination of passion and appreciation comes across in the experience you have on our site, on projects with us, and in many conversations to come.

See you on the trail.

– Mark