CalAIM in Bloom

The seeds were planted over the past several years, some into well-plowed rows, others more optimistically tossed on seemingly fertile ground, all across the state. And now (after all this rain!) the green shoots of CalAIM have flowered like California poppies in the spring. This is not a pilot project, this is an entire landscape changing at scale. With innovations unfolding all around us, we are witnessing and we are participating in the rapid evolution of the Medi-Cal delivery ecosystem. 

The advances are many, as we move toward locally integrated service environments to support whole person care for Medi-Cal beneficiaries. With Enhanced Care Management (ECM), the personalized coordination of services across organizations and sectors represents the greatest single effort, ever, to link health care services with Community Supports (CS) addressing Social Determinants of Health. Population Health Management, launched in January, builds upon these new approaches to encompass the entire Medi-Cal beneficiary population, roughly one out of three Californians. The impact, on both individual lives and persistent social inequities, promises to be profound and is significant grounds for optimism.

We are deeply involved in this transformation at Intrepid Ascent. Years of work with multiple Whole Person Care pilots opened our eyes to the challenges and opportunities of broad, technology-assisted coordination among care teams from health care, housing, and allied sectors. With the pivot to CalAIM’s ECM and CS, we’ve supported communities in the adoption of new technologies, policies, and workflows, and we are facilitating collaborative planning in Contra Costa and San Diego Counties for DHCS. Now, broadening to the scale of Medi-Cal, we were recently selected to offer services through the PATH TA Marketplace across the state. With 27 pre-designed Off-the-Shelf offerings in the Building Data Capacity domain (and two others), and with the flexibility to create Hands-On TA services, we’re ready to support organizations and their stakeholders as they cultivate new solutions at this moment. Please visit the TA Marketplace page on our website for additional information on Intrepid Ascent’s expertise and how we might be able to support your organization through the TA marketplace.