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Intrepid Ascent helps people use data to collaborate in the development of healthy communities. We identify opportunities for adopting technology that enable authentic connections among health care, social services, and allied fields. We support our clients in clarifying their strategic intentions for data use, in assessing their technology needs, and in implementing adaptable systems that will grow with them.


Social factors such as income, food, housing, and education have a great impact on health, and access to quality healthcare in turn shapes social outcomes. With growing recognition of these interdependencies, collaboration across sectors to coordinate services for vulnerable people has emerged as a critical frontier in efforts to improve population health. Intrepid Ascent supports clients on this frontier by fostering innovative approaches to data sharing and use, often in the context of multi-stakeholder collaborations at the community level.

Intrepid Ascent supports clients on this frontier by fostering innovative approaches to data sharing and use, from standards-based information exchange for longitudinal health records, to shared care planning and referrals among distributed teams, to data aggregation for outcomes monitoring and analysis. Throughout, we apply quality improvement and human-centered design principles to guide clients and their partners to integrated solutions for their staff and the people they serve.

We work with clients to identify and implement technology tools that support emerging cross-sector service models, tools like platforms for care coordination among dispersed interdisciplinary teams, community resource referrals databases, and dashboards for outcomes monitoring and predictive analytics. This work includes the incorporation of social determinants of health factors with clinically-focused health information exchange, such as the integration of health and housing information.

We are proud to enable communities to draw a more complete picture of health across their populations, generating new insights and opportunities to improve whole-person care.


Intrepid Ascent identifies opportunities for technology adoption that enable collaboration in health care, social services, and related fields. Much of our current work involves onboarding organizations to health information exchange networks and the adoption of care management platforms, community resource referrals databases, and analytics systems.

We support clients through assessing strategic and program goals for the use of technology; identifying user scenarios; managing the selection, implementation, and/or integration of technology systems; developing onboarding and training approaches attuned to workflow and culture; and channeling user experience feedback to technology design teams. We employ rigorous quality improvement principles of iterative testing and spread to build on what’s working and jettison what isn’t.

Critically, the sustainability of scaling up technology requires learning from experience, building authentic connections, and prioritizing depth before breadth. We help leaders embrace opportunities for sustainable change associated with technology adoption. Such leadership identifies priorities that guide actions through potentially messy transitions, engages stakeholders early and often, and remains open to recalibrations along the way toward a larger vision.


Governance encompasses the relationships, processes, and policies established for the management of a program or organization at the strategic level, providing a framework for oversight and decision-making in alignment with agreed-up goals. With the recognition of data as a critical strategic asset requiring vigilant stewardship, data governance plays an increasingly important role in broader organizational governance – addressing the integrity, usability, availability, and security of data.

Intrepid Ascent provides guidance on the development and implementation of robust approaches to data governance and the governance of data sharing programs. We understand that data travels at the speed of trust. Our approach goes beyond focusing on technical infrastructure to build a culture of compliance at the intersection of organizational practice, policy, and data. Our team has the aptitude to guide organizations through complex laws and regulations, to develop robust policies and procedures, and to advise on technical infrastructure to protect data privacy and confidentiality.

By establishing trust and transparency through effective governance, our clients and their stakeholders “get to yes” for impactful data sharing at the cutting edge of collaboration across teams, organizations, and sectors.


In our highly digital age, people generate a seemingly infinite trail of electronic data, data that remains siloed in many cases and in others cascades in an unmanageable deluge. Discerning what data is important and what data is not, and how best to access, analyze, and act upon what is important, dramatically impacts the capacity to thrive. For most enterprises, this discernment requires a framework for strategic thinking, a data strategy. In health care and allied fields, the drivers of data strategy range from value-based payment to emerging models of collaboration to staff needs for access to new types of information.

Intrepid Ascent helps clients develop data strategies through the identification of goals rooted in their broader vision for the future, and action plans toward realizing these goals. These strategies guide the alignment of people, processes, technology, and data to release human potential throughout an organization or collaborative network.



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